Meaningful Day

Today is mine & Erics Anniversary.  I think the more years go by the less you feel the need to make a big deal about it however, the more the years the more they mean.  For example, my parents have been married 36 years.  That is SOMETHING yet they don’t make any big WHOHA over it.  They may have dinner out and get each other some small gift and card but that’s it.   Eric and I are celebrating our 2nd anniversary.  As much as that does not seem like a “big” number I am so very grateful for him.  He surprised me this afternoon with the most beautiful card EVER and roses.  (this is big as my husband is the LEAST romantic man ever)  Maybe he got a bug in his ear from his mom or something… either way it was sweet and brought tears to my eyes.

I try to never take things for granted.  I always want to remember to stop and cherish the moment.  All the little things are special and they add up to create life and I love life.  Hope everyone has a wonderful day.. Tonight I get to treasure one more “special” moment.  My son is having a Christmas Play at school.  I can’t wait!

Happy Tuesday Everyone~