WIP Wednesday & A Finish

I just showed this chevron quilt the other day & it was almost complete then.  It is officially complete now & will be shipped out tomorrow.  It is a big relief that it is finished.

004 001 003 009 010 011 017 019 020I know, I know.  Picture overload.  The rainbow quilt is still in progress.  The decision was made to add little colored squares in the intersections. I’m liking it alot~

I also finished the fort for my niece & a Star Wars pillowcase for my nephew that will be shipped tomorrow as well.  Yay for FINISHES!

Last but not least, a photo snapped of my 3 yr old going through my purse when he thought I wasn’t looking.  HA busted!

Until next time~ Audrey


1 thought on “WIP Wednesday & A Finish

  1. would love to talk to you about making an outfit for Ella for 1st birthday on June 13th. Give me a call at 803-646-3791.

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