Almost Settled

T’s room is all put together.  I am guessing by the look on her face she did not want me to take her picture… Ugh Teenagers!

The boys room.  Sorry about the lighting on this one.

I love that there is plenty of storage space.  The benches with storage under them in front of the bay window hides all the toys wonderfully!  I have plans to make a cushion for this in the future.  I would say near future but that may not happen.   It actually is cleaned up now.  This was taken about 2 days after we moved in.

I made these 2 blocks before we moved but have not had time to post or do anymore work on this quilt as of yet.  However, it is high on the list of things to finish.  I am making this quilt for a dear friend.  It will be queen size~  Quite a task for me and my little ole’ Pfaff!

I made another strip pillow for my couch.  I have plans to make a few more but not sure when I will get to it.  I can’t remember if I have showed this 2nd one though.

I love the craziness and bright colors that are all mixed in.  It adds a nice touch to my very neutral and colorless couch.  Most of all, I love that I use up scraps to make these.  Some of the fabrics are my fave’s and I love getting to see them everyday.

Stitch something pretty!