I’m still here ~

I have been working on a new baby quilt but haven’t gotten to far.  I cut out 4.25 in. squares and then made 8 in. squares with those.  I am adding 3 in. sashing inbetween to break up all the pink.

I am making this for a dear friend. (think I mentioned this before in a previous post) that just had her first baby.  I would have liked to have it finished before now.  I can’t seem to find my super woman cape and  the 2 pots of coffee I drink every day just isn’t get the job done.  (i know it’s sad)  Sometimes you just feel like you should be put out to pasture.  I will get back into a better groove just not today!


Once I get this layered I would like to hand quilt it with #5 pearl cotton.  I think it will be precious just like her sweet little girl!

I wanted to show you the back simply to show how the seams were all ironed out.  When I add white sashing I always iron the seams in toward the darker fabric. (just in case anyone was wondering)  Happy stitching everyone!