Girls Peasant Dress #2

I think I am hooked!  I love how simple & cute these little dresses are.  Only problem? I don’t have a little girl to put them on. 😦 This one will be headed to a cutie a few states away.

Blue/\Green Peasant Dress

The bow on the top is actually a hair bow. I just clipped it on for added “bling”.


I added the flared sleeves like the 1st dress, only I made these a tad longer.

011The other thing I have been working on, mainly just a few minutes here & there, is the

SCRAPPY TRIP ALONG that is going on all over quilty blog land & flickr.  I wasn’t really on the bandwagon at first but the more I saw photos the more I wanted to make my own.

001I decided on a strict color scheme.  I wanted mainly red, with, green,yellow ,whites & beiges.  These are the main colors in my living room, which is where this quilts home will be.  I really love the scrappiness of it. Reminds me of something from a different era with some modern fabrics thrown in. It makes me smile!!!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!