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Hi! My name is Audrey! I have 1 husband and 3 kids. I LOVE to quilt! This is my space to share things about the projects I make that sometimes turn out beautiful and well, sometimes don't! I am so glad you stopped by! I hope you come back again and leave me a comment, I love em!

Some Random progress

I have been away from here for far too long.  I have been busy in the real world where work,family, laundry, dishes etc… come before sewing.

I have a few things I have been working on as time allows and life doesn’t interrupt.

002This is the king size Chevron in Navy & Cream. It is coming along, slowly, but I should hopefully have it finished and shipped by this weekend.  Cross your fingers!

This next quilt was ordered at the same time and should be shipped this weekend as well.

003All that is left is the binding on this one. Can I get Whoot Whoot!??

This next quilt was ordered a little later than the 2 above and I have not made as much as progress. However, I love these colors and can envision it finished.  I am so tempted to have one with these with the exact same colors and fabric in my own home.


I just love the simplicity of gray and white.  It always has that classy elegant “feel”. Hope all is well in your corner of the world!

Until next time,


A Finish~

So, I took a small break from working on my current chevron order.  I attempted my first Cathedral Window! I have been admiring these since I first started sewing.  I was always intimidated about how hard they looked.  They are so very pretty though.  I like this one and this one.  My points didn’t turn out quite as neat as theirs but I am still tickled that I did it and it looks pretty good.

I love trying out new techniques and taking on new challenges in sewing. There is always something new to learn or a new pattern to try.    Happy Sunday Everyone! See you soon!  Audrey


EDIT: I had a request to add more photos. So, here are a few more of the cathedral window pillow.

002 004     I don’t have a pillow insert for it yet.  The backing fabric is a light blue that matches the blue in the front yellow and blue print.  It turned out really nice!  Love the dimension these cathedral windows have.003

WIP Wednesday & A Finish

I just showed this chevron quilt the other day & it was almost complete then.  It is officially complete now & will be shipped out tomorrow.  It is a big relief that it is finished.

004 001 003 009 010 011 017 019 020I know, I know.  Picture overload.  The rainbow quilt is still in progress.  The decision was made to add little colored squares in the intersections. I’m liking it alot~

I also finished the fort for my niece & a Star Wars pillowcase for my nephew that will be shipped tomorrow as well.  Yay for FINISHES!

Last but not least, a photo snapped of my 3 yr old going through my purse when he thought I wasn’t looking.  HA busted!

Until next time~ Audrey


An Almost Finish ~ Chevron Quilt

I finished quilting this baby today! Thank Goodness! It seemed to be dragging. Binding here I come!

001I hope it doesn’t take me another week to get this done.  I’m shooting for a Wednesday finish!


I love how soft & fluffy it is.

005I don’t love how long it took to piece it together. The backing fabric is very elegant with a small coordinating flowery print, but I couldn’t for the life of me get a picture that showed how lovely it really is, so I gave up trying. 😦

003 Now she sits patiently on my dining room sewing table to be bound.  Wish me Luck!

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I have been working on several things at one time.  I actually don’t like to have so many projects at one time. It makes me feel like I’m “behind”.  However, this isn’t any ones fault but my own. I couldn’t help myself with the scrappy trip along. I KNOW I am going to LOVE this quilt when it’s done.

011The bigger it gets the more I like it.

007It makes me smile.

004This one is done. It is in the process of being quilted. I am hoping to have it finished up this weekend & shipped out to its new home.

Other WIPS

1. Rainbow Quilt – Finish top, quilt & bind

2. Sister n law’s quilt-  design/find pattern (basically everything lol)

3. Nieces Fort- finishing touches on windows

4. Pillows for niece & nephew- haven’t started yet

5. Burp Clothes for friend- haven’t started yet 😦

I think that is all.  Of course, when I look at this list it really isn’t all that bad. Right?

~ Audrey

Girls Peasant Dress #2

I think I am hooked!  I love how simple & cute these little dresses are.  Only problem? I don’t have a little girl to put them on. 😦 This one will be headed to a cutie a few states away.

Blue/\Green Peasant Dress

The bow on the top is actually a hair bow. I just clipped it on for added “bling”.


I added the flared sleeves like the 1st dress, only I made these a tad longer.

011The other thing I have been working on, mainly just a few minutes here & there, is the

SCRAPPY TRIP ALONG that is going on all over quilty blog land & flickr.  I wasn’t really on the bandwagon at first but the more I saw photos the more I wanted to make my own.

001I decided on a strict color scheme.  I wanted mainly red, with, green,yellow ,whites & beiges.  These are the main colors in my living room, which is where this quilts home will be.  I really love the scrappiness of it. Reminds me of something from a different era with some modern fabrics thrown in. It makes me smile!!!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


Little Girls Peasant Dress

I have been looking at tutorials for a few weeks now on how to make these.  I have been itching to do some little girls dresses.  Hence the shirred sundress I posted on recently.

Ella's Peasant Dress

I had this fabric on hand in my stash. I think the elephants are adorable.

Peasant Dress

I love the cute purple & white polka dot fabric!  I think I would like the sleeves a little more if they were a tad longer & maybe add a little bit more flair on the ends.

peasant dress

I cannot wait to get this shipped out to my niece.  I’m crossing my fingers it fits her.

entire view peasant dress


Don’t laugh but I did try it on my son.  He is much older than my niece but she is already in 12 mo clothes & my 3 yr old barely can wear 2T.  He has 12 & 18 month outfits that he still wears.  I may tease him when he gets older but he didn’t want to take it off.  He liked the elephants!

Happy Tuesday!




WIP Rainbow Quilt

If you remember back several post ago, I posted pictures of squares my mother & I were working on together for a rainbow quilt.  With all the quilt orders & Christmas I have not had too much time to work on this.  However, yesterday & a little time today I managed to pull out all the squares, trim them up & start sewing on the gray sashing.

013 027I have one thing I want to ask my mom before I go to much further though.  I was thinking instead of making a straight gray strips between the rows, that I may add little squares at each intersection of a different color.  However, I don’t know what that color should be?  I don’t want it to blend in with the squares.  I thought maybe black or white or maybe even a turquoise or aqua?  Suggestions would be great!

Happy Monday!



A shirred Sun Dress

I made this without a pattern and to be honest I impressed myself.  I mainly wanted to shir something.  I have had elastic thread in my sewing drawer for almost a year now & have yet to attempt it.  Partly due to other sewing obligations but partly due to being scared.


It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  This little dress will be heading to my little niece 2 states away.  I hope it fits her since I completely winged the size around.  If anything it will be to big & then she can just where it later when she grows.



Next time I want to take it a step further & add some coortinating fabrics at the bottom & maybe for the shoulder straps.

065Hope your New Years was happy !  I have a huge list of things I want to accomplish this upcoming year. I may need to write those down soon before I forget.

Until next time~


A drawstring bag

I found a tutorial on a reversible drawstring bag.  I decided to make this as opposed to “wrapping” a gift in the traditional way.  My son’s Christmas part is Friday & every year we like to give his teacher a little something.


This year we have a pencil holder, a name plaque for her desk & 2 small hand sanitizer’s.  They will all be down inside this little drawstring bag.


The bag turned out really cute.  It is a little small but everything fits perfectly inside.  This would also make a great little medicine or makeup bag.

happy thursday~