A few more items off the list ~

I had a order for 3 quilts to bind and quilt. I have finished 2 and am very close to getting the 3rd done.  I am not showing the whole quilt simply because it is not mine and I want to respect my customer.  However, I wanted to show the adorable bird fabric that was picked for the backing and binding.   I love the bright blue and green in this.



I also am working on a couple of dresses for my mother in law.  Which I was enjoying until I got to the sleeves.  This part has me nervous and I find myself finding other things to work on.  I need to just suck it up and finish!  Once these are finished I have a queen size quilt that was ordered as well as ( I showed a few of the pinwheel squares for this on a previous post) a nursery bedding set that I will be making for my cousin.  She is expecting her first child and has asked me to make her crib bedding!  I feel so blessed and honored to have been asked to do this.  I cannot wait to get the fabric which should be arriving any day now!