Starburst Quilt Progress

I haven’t had much time to work on my sewing lately but I thought I could at least share the progress I’ve made so far on the starburst quilt.  I am really enjoying hand quilting this.  It is slow going but is so relaxing to plop myself down with needle and thread and let all the stresses of the day fade away for a little while.

I have a few things to fix on it.  Like at the bottom~ I need to add a triangle.  This happened because I thought I was going to square it up at one point and then decided to leave it jagged (not sure if this is the proper terminology).  I am hoping I don’t have to many issues when I go to bind it. 

I have been using #5 pearl cotton thread for the quilting and so far I am just quilting around the stars.  I used a black sheet for the backing, so the thread doesn’t stand out much and I kinda like that.  I am contemplating adding some machine FMQ (free motion quilting) as well but can’t decide if that is the right way to go or not yet.

What do you think?  All input will be greatly appreciated!

 In the meantime, I have 3 other quilts that have been shipped to me for quilting and binding.  I will post more on this later. 

Happy Stitching!


Plans for 2012

I am soo excited to start this new year!  I have lots of new patterns and quilts  I can’t wait to start this year.

I have never really been one to make new years resolutions but this year I hope to be more “aware”. I have read several different blogs or articles where women have picked a single word and tried to concentrate on it for a year.  I think I will try that this year.   My word is going to be AWARE.  I want to be more perceptive in this new year.  I have a tendency to be .. (whats the word?)  not dingy ( spelling may be off here)  but scattered maybe?  or just not very detailed at times.  I don’t “pay attention” to things and sometimes I may have prevented something from happening or intercepted a situation before it got to be a “situtation”.   Of Course, this has absolutely nothing to do with art or sewing, just wanted to share my thoughts for a moment.  Any one else have thoughts on this?  I would love to hear comments.

Now, On to the good stuff…

I recently made a new pillow and some matching table toppers for my den… I am IN LOVE with the bright scrappy fabrics on crisp white “look”…

I hand quilted the table runner.  I love the way it came out.   It has the extra fluffy look.

I also hand quilted this table topper but machine binded it.

This one I machine quilted.  I still love the look and even though these don’t match completely, they all share similar if not some of the same fabrics.  Needless to say, I am very pleased with the results.

A close up of the pillow.  I think I love it the most.

Another shot of the hand quilted table topper.  I love hand quilting even though I am by NO means an expert at it.  I love the look as well as the chance to sit and watch tv with the family  while Im working on a project.

I hope every one had a safe and Happy New Year!

Until next time~ Audrey