I made some PJ’s!

Ok~ I know these are on the list of “easiest things to make” however, clothes is definitely not my strong suit!  I am tickled with these cute little flannel pjs I made in about an hr for my son.

004I washed the flannel beforehand. I got the fabric from my neighbor and there was about 3 yards of it. I didn’t even use a yard making these.  Ill have to think of something else to make with the rest. hmmm any ideas?

001This is definitely a beginner type of sewing project & the flannel is extremely easy to sew with.

Happy Stitching~


Talk about “The Last Minute”

I got this quilt cranked out in record time, thanks to my wonderful mother n law & my hubby who took the chaos boys out of the house several times so I could work in peace!

I just shipped it out this evening and I am feeling quite relieved to be honest.  I have one project left to make that I committed to & then no pressure on the sewing front.


I made this one the same as the others, quilting 1/4 in. from seams to create the zig zag on the backing as well.


Oh how I love the gray & white together.






















I usually don’t comment on wordly happenings on my blog however, today I would like to say that I am so very thankful for my family.  My heart is saddened for the families in Ct., who don’t have their little ones this Christmas Season.  My prayer is that they find some comfort & peace in the days ahead.




Half Way there!

So, I am half way through with this next Chevron Quilt order.  I am really needing a different pattern!  I have sewn more zig zags than I care to think about lately. LOL

003I have just about finished getting all the piecing done for the top.  I will say that out of all the chevron’s I’ve made, I do LOVE the gray & white the most. The simplicity of it just “speaks” to me.   Here is the backing.

002The neat thing about this backing is 1.  I picked it specifically per the customer request. 2.  I would have totally picked this for myself anyway!

Til next time~


A Finish

I just finished this chevron quilt for a customer.  It is currently on its way to its new home, just in time to be a Christmas gift for a little girl.

002 003 005

This chevron quilt is a much larger zig zag pattern than the last few I have made.  I love how it turned out & definitely like the gray in between the colored zags.

It is backed & bound with the same gray with a strip of alternating pink & blue strip going horizontally across the back.  It was quilted a 1/4 in. from the seams creating the same chevron pattern on the back.

Happy Tuesday!



A few pictures ~

I saw a picture on pinterest quite a while ago & just had to do my own.  I talked my daughter into helping me make this tonight.  I am SO SO happy with how it turned out.

001 (2) 002 (2) 003 (2) 004 (2)Just ignore where the ornaments are placed.  My 2 yr old rearranges the bottom of the tree several times a day.   So, that is my show & tell for the day.  I did finish up another chevron quilt today also but pictures will be later. It was foggy & rainy all day & so no pictures were taken as of yet.

Happy Holidays!



In Full Se -wing

I have been busy sewing … I am so backed up with orders I feel slightly overwhelmed.  In spite of the stress that comes with taking orders I am glad for the purchases & even more happy that my love of fabric & sewing is helping my family.  I just added a new item to my shop.  I did not realize these little tutu’s were so IN right now.  I visited family over the Thanksgiving holidays & my cousin had a Thanksgiving tutu or her precious little girl. Of course the sewist in me had to see how it was made & thought to myself, ” I can make that”.  So, here is my first one.

012Not so bad for my first try. I think on the next one I will add a cute Christmas Tree or Candy Cane on the front just for some added flair.

I also finished the navy & white chevron quilt for a customer in Canada. It is so pretty.

009I have more cutting to do today so I am off. Hope all is well in your little corner of the world.


Is it really November already?

Where have the last 2 months gone?  I started these 2 twin sized quilts in September and have just finished them up & ship them to their new home in MO.  I love how such a simple pattern can be so stunning when you finish.

The quilting on these were very tedious & time-consuming but worth every minute in the end.

Aren’t they just fabulous stacked together?


I also made an apron for a customer. She is having a shower & wanted an apron for the ladies to sign. She picked the type of fabric, style & color.  I got to sew it! Which was a nice break from all the quilting.

Happy Wednesday!


Sew Busy

Unfortunately, I do not have alot of photos today but I have been sewing my arse off.  I finished 1 baby quilt last night, finished a quilt top this morning & basted it, made 2 burp clothes and started working on another quilt top. Hope all is well & I hope to be back soon with some more photos of some finishes.

This little baby quilt was made for a precious little baby boy who was just born a week ago.

The backing is soft and warm flannel, great for snuggling.

Another order for a chevron quilt.  This one in navy & white.

I have a gazillion more things on the list to sew.  I just am not quite sure when I will get to all of them.

Have a lovely Friday!


A Couple of Finished & new start

I finished the 1st chevron quilt.

It turned out absolutely adorable!

You know, I HAD to try it out on my sons bed to make sure it “fit”.

I am hoping the little girls this quilt is going to love it.

I had a order for another set of burp clothes, so I quickly stitched them up and shipped them out this morning to their new home in TX.

 I also started on the quilt a good friend ordered for a friend.  My friend requested the quilt resemble the Greek flag.  So, I am still adding to it but this is what I came up with so far.

Happy Monday!




Chevron progress and some randomness

I finally finished the quilting on the first chevron quilt I am making!

Boy…. did those zig zag lines take a while!  All that is left is the binding now!

I love how the quilting stands out.

Getting a full-sized photo is NOT easy!  Thank goodness for my 6’6 friend!

So, the hubby talked me into going out on the boat the other evening for a “quick” trip. I really needed to stay home and do some chores however, the thoughts of relaxing were too good to pass up.

And other than the “kill switch” getting pushed without any one realizing it and drifting for almost .1.5 hours it WAS a nice relaxing time!  I, of course, could not help myself and sang “row row row your boat” while the men tried to figure out why the boat wouldn’t crank back up!

The kids LOVE the boat and I enjoyed watching them have so much fun!


There is nothing like the wind in your hair and the lights lit up along the canals.  It is beautiful at night-time.

A mother/daughter picture.  She is a joy to have and I am so thankful to have her in my life everyday!

Another photo of one of my babies!  He is growing so so so fast and is so very smart!  I am loving his wind-blown hair do!

And last but definitely not least.. Me and the hubby (which is yapping)

Love him to pieces!

Hope all is well in your corner of the world and have a wonderful weekend!