Chevron progress and some randomness

I finally finished the quilting on the first chevron quilt I am making!

Boy…. did those zig zag lines take a while!  All that is left is the binding now!

I love how the quilting stands out.

Getting a full-sized photo is NOT easy!  Thank goodness for my 6’6 friend!

So, the hubby talked me into going out on the boat the other evening for a “quick” trip. I really needed to stay home and do some chores however, the thoughts of relaxing were too good to pass up.

And other than the “kill switch” getting pushed without any one realizing it and drifting for almost .1.5 hours it WAS a nice relaxing time!  I, of course, could not help myself and sang “row row row your boat” while the men tried to figure out why the boat wouldn’t crank back up!

The kids LOVE the boat and I enjoyed watching them have so much fun!


There is nothing like the wind in your hair and the lights lit up along the canals.  It is beautiful at night-time.

A mother/daughter picture.  She is a joy to have and I am so thankful to have her in my life everyday!

Another photo of one of my babies!  He is growing so so so fast and is so very smart!  I am loving his wind-blown hair do!

And last but definitely not least.. Me and the hubby (which is yapping)

Love him to pieces!

Hope all is well in your corner of the world and have a wonderful weekend!




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