A Pair of Chevron Quilts

I received an order from my etsy shop for 2 twin sized chevron quilts in aqua/white zigs and zags.   I wanted to share my progress so far.

I don’t have a space big enough in my sewing room for a design wall so I use my living room floor.  I am half way done laying out the strips.  I do LOVE making this quilt using rectangles instead of triangles. Everything matches up perfect.

Coleman insisted he be in a shot.

The next few pictures are of squares in progress for the quilt my mom and I are making.  I talked about it my last post. (My cup runneth over)  I am truly excited and blessed to have such wonderful parents.  I adore them!

We have made 5 or 6 squares now.  I am waiting on the last one she made to come in the mail now.  She was here in Florida visiting last weekend (yippy) and brought some of her fabric to share and I sent home some of mine with her.

That is why some of the same orange fabric is in both of these.  She made one and I made one.  Aren’t they beautiful?   I am going to wait to show my next square since mom hasn’t seen it yet.  More to come soon.





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