My cup runneth over

So, I asked my mom, (which lives  550 miles away) if she would make a quilt with me. This way we could do something together without actually “being” together.  She doesn’t “do” quilting like I do but she has done a few quilt tops and can sew clothes, curtains etc…  so this isn’t completely foreign for her.  We decided to do a rainbow quilt.  We decided how big we wanted the quilt so we would know how many blocks to do as well as divided up what colors we each will have.  We will mail the blocks back and forth to each other.   We originally were going to assemble as we went but have decided we would wait until all the blocks are done.  I made the first red block and have already mailed it.  I didn’t get a picture. 😦  While time allowed I made 2 more.  I decided to do a little applique on these.  (close your eyes mom if your reading this) 🙂  I love how these turned out. I think I will do an applique block in each color for each row.

I cannot explain how excited I am to be working on this with my mom!  We have talked in length  several times over the phone and I just cherish every moment I get to chat away not only about quilting but about quilting with my MOM!  How lucky am I ?

We are suppose to be keeping the blocks a secret from each other but I couldn’t resist sharing.  There are many many more blocks to go so I figure I can keep those a secret. ( i hope) lol

Happy Wednesday Everyone!




One thought on “My cup runneth over

  1. I’m not as computer savvy as my daughter. I don’t have a clue how to post pics of my squares, but when you see the finished product, you will know automatically which squares were done by me and which ones by my daughter. I am not nearly as creative as she is– I am a matchy, matchy person as well as semetrical. I don’t think I can applique anything–BUT–then again I may give it a try. I’m excited as well to be doing this rainbow quilt with my daughter. It is a privilege to share and embrace this “quilting” time with her! Audrey’s Mom!

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