Chevron Quilt

I have a tendency to get burnt out on projects.  Usually I have several projects going at once, so when I feel like sewing have time to sew,  I can be picky on what I work on.  About two weeks ago I started this quilt.  Inspiration came from Blue Elephant Stitches.  I love this blog!  You should go check it out.  She makes the most beautiful quilts!

I looked up a few ways to make one of these (very quickly skimmed a few blogs) and after starting assembly am not sure if this is the easiest way but so far it looks great and I am extremely pleased with it.

On another note, the weather has been typical for this area and the plants, grass and trees are soaking up all the afternoon thundershower rains.  Every morning I walk out on my front patio and get to enjoy this.  I cannot explain the joy I get in seeing mother nature at work.

The boys got out in the yard the other day and mowed, weeded and pruned for the better part of the day.

They did a wonderful job and I am thoroughly enjoying sitting out in the afternoons as the sun goes down enjoying the cricket’s chirp and watching the sun sink behind the trees.

Hope all is well in your corner of the world and have a Wonderful weekend!

Until next time~ Audrey




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