Bedskirt and Pillows

So, I had a day off and boy, do I get some stuff done when the kids are gone I have a little time!

I made the bedskirt and a throw pillow to match!

The pillow started out as a ‘reverse applique idea which technically it is however, I got lazy and decided to machine applique it in.  I then took some #5 Perle cotton and stitched around the outside.


I also felt frisky enough to make my bedskirt.  I  ripped out the stitches  unsewed the previous bedskirt from the piece that goes under the mattress the night before so it saved me a little time.  I then cut out my fabric, hemmed the edges and sewed it all back together.

I had plans to make matching curtains but wanted to add a little eyelet lace fabric in the mix just give it a femine touch.  I made one panel and decided I’m not sure if it really is what I want now.  I think I want long curtains however I don’t have enough fabric for that and unfortunately Joann’s is out of this specific fabric.  What to do?  I think I will wait and ponder this for a bit.  Any suggestions or ideas would be awesome! ?

I managed to also get another set of burp clothes made up for my etsy shop.  My “for sale” list has diminished to just a few things.  I think that’s a good thing though.  I whipped up a red and white chevron cloth to go along with a couple of Dr Seuss clothes.

I like the way they compliment each other!

I am working this weekend so I don’t think I will get much more done on the sewing front any time soon but I hope you all have a pleasant weekend full of sewing fun!




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