KING sized progress

So, Yesterday morning before heading to work, I cut out the remaining pieces for the king sized quilt.  Then after I got home I put it all together.  I am pleased and hope it will look great on my bed…

I contemplated getting enough fabric to make the backing however, with it being SO big I decided I would use a sheet I had instead.  So, even though this sheet is King Size it still wasn’t big enough. I added fabric to it and finally had a big enough piece for the backing.  I have basted and will commence to quilting ASAP!

Do you know that I don’t have a big enough area in my house to lay this thing out flat!  I am stressing slightly about the quilting but am determined.  That is ALOT of quilt !

The pieced corners you see in the first picture are the bottom and will hang off the bed.  In my head it looks really neat.

I hope your having a wonderful Wednesday!



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