King Size It~

As promised here is the finished Fathers Day Gift we made for my husband.

The second picture you see we also made.  All the leaves on the tree are made up of the kids (mine too) finger prints.  The burlap hides it kind of but we know how we made it!

I started making the KING SIZED quilt for my bed…. Finally!  (a big, big undertaking for my little ole’ pfaff and me)  I have been imagining what it would look like for quite some time now and also have changed my mind several times in the process.  I am quite pleased with how the colors are coming together and I can’t wait to see the end the result.  I will be making matching pillow cases, bed skirt and curtains before it is all said and done.  

I settled on shades of gray and greens.  I saw a pillow made with these colors some where or another that inspired this.

Most of the squares repeat themselves somewhere along the line, however I did end up making a few blocks with a black center just to add some interest.

I added some dark grey sashing in-between.  I love the way sashing breaks things up as well as hides if you corners don’t match up exactly.  I don’t have any pictures of the sashing yet but will post more as I make progress with it.  I have already been trying to decide how I will quilt it.  As much as I like stippling I think it will make the quilt to stiff.  Since, My husband and I will be sleeping under this I want it to be more fluffy.  I made settle on some minimal cross hatch or straight line quilting.  Any suggestions?

Happy Monday!






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