A Fathers Day Gift, A New Tote and some more burp clothes~

I recently saw a picture on pinterest that inspired this project.  It is for my dad, my childrens grandfather.  I can honestly say, my dad is the greatest man I know!  In honor of the upcoming holiday, I had the kids help me make this.

It was pretty easy to make and the kids liked helping.  I had all of the materials except the frame, which I picked up at Wal-mart for $3.96.  I measure some poster board, painted, cut out a piece of burlap and stencilled 2012 with modeling paste.  The neat thing about modeling paste is that it is “raised” adding some dimension to the picture.  (hard to tell in the picture)  Then I used a stencil for the little flowers and some acrylic paint and then lastly added the kids hand prints for tree leaves.

Next up, I decided my purse / tote needed to be retired.  I have been using the same bag for a year now and the edges were starting to fray and look worn.  I whipped up my new bag in about 2 hrs and LOVE it.  I know that everyone won’t like the fabrics I chose but I love it and thats all that matters right?

The fabric with the writing has “beach” names.  It even has  St. Pete Beach on it which is where I live!  Cool right?  I fell in love with the orange flowery print and a new bag was born.  I added some lace trim just to give it a girly touch too.

It has 3 pockets on the inside and of course the one you see on the outside.  I quilted inside and out as I did on my Mother’s Day bags.  It gives it some extra sturdiness.

 This is a better closeup of my lace.  I put some just on the inside of the pocket so it would stick out the top.  LOVE it!

I also made a set of burp clothes for a customer on etsy.  She order custom sets, one being a beachy/ nautical  set.  This is what I came up with.

I love the little starfish. I added some corresponding ribbon and ta dah.  I hope she likes them.

Happy Tuesday!





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