Mothers Day Gifts

I wasn’t able to post these yet since they were gifts but here they are now since they are now with their intended owners.  The first one was made for my mother n law.  She LOVES anything and everything Hawaiian.  She visits every couple of years or so and actually just returned from a month-long visit.

I quilted both the outside and inside, added a pocket on the outside as well as six pockets on the inside of various sizes to hold anything from pens and pencils to whatever current book she may be reading.   My thoughts were “beach bag” while I was making it but it could be used as anything really.  I also hand stitched Aloha on the front pocket and a hibiscus just for added extra-ness.

EDIT:  I had a lot more post on here but when I hit publish and went to view it, it was GONE!

So, here is the rest of my post,

The second bag I made was for my mom.  I LOVE my mama!

She had been needing a new quilted tote bag which I had told her I would make probably around a year ago.  Welp, I finally got around to actually making it for her.  Better late than never, Huh?  It is the same as other bag except for the fabric and I quilted it with a tighter meandering pattern to make it more sturdy.

I added pockets around the inside on this one as well.  It turned out exactly as I pictured.  The only thing I would do differently is make the straps a tad longer next time!

Hope all is well in your corner of the world!



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