Dress Sewing

Sorry its been too long since I posted.  I have been extremely busy and feeling a little run down.  I am hoping to get back into the swing of things this week.  The kids were out for spring break last week which throws things out of balance.  I love my kids dearly but was glad they went back to school Monday! On to the good stuff~

I can’t say that dress making is my favorite thing to do, but it is definitely the most rewarding when you try it on and it FITS!  I did pick up a pattern from my local Joann’s but did not follow the directions completely.  The dress was for my daughter who did not want a zipper and is extremely picky!  (like every other 13 yr old)   The pattern called for pockets, ruffles and a zipper which was all left out. She picked out the pattern and material.  The material was not the easiest to sew either.  I had to pin and keep straightening and rearranging but all ended well and she assured me after trying it on she will actually wear it in public!  I’m so proud!

She tried it on several times, so I could adjust the hem length as well as strap length.  It has a gathered section over the bust, which turned out adorable in my opinion.

 She will have to wear a different bra with since the back comes down a little low.  Overall ~ I am Pleased!  Happy Wednesday Everyone!










Another dress in the making ?  I think yes.




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