A Burp Cloth & Reusable Paper Towel

While I have been waiting for the ribbon to come in I decided to kill some time and scratch my sewing itch by making a couple of burp clothes for the mom to be.

I hand stitched the name in the bottom left corner just to add a personal touch.  I like the way it turned out and also like how it has a kind of elegant feel just like the name Ella.  I love this name.  If my last baby had been a girl this would be his name!

A close up.  My stitches aren’t perfect but I think they are pretty good for “eyeballing” it.  LOL shhh don’t tell anyone!

I started on the new reusable paper towels project also.  It’s gonna be very cute and hopefully functional as well.

The last picture is the fabric I will use for the other paper towels.  I am going with a red theme if you couldn’t tell.  LOL  I attatched elastic to the cardboard paper towel roll and a snap.  I hot glued the elastic to the paper towel roll to keep it stable on the roll.  It worked like a charm.

Have a wonderful weekend!





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