Definitely Not Wordless

Sorry, I don’t have much to show this week.  I am waiting on some ribbon to come in to finish the crib bumper.  I got the short end and one long side made before I ran out of ribbon for the ties.


 I have heard horror stories on sewing with minky and I will admit it is not the easiest fabric to sew however as long as you pin, pin, pin, it will be okay.  (and it does make a huge snow pile in the floor while your cutting)  Just keep your vacuum handy!

I made the matching blanket.   It is made with all minky fabric for front and backing.  The batting is 100% cotton.  The binding is matching fabric from the crib bedding.  The fabric is more home decor weight and I don’t usually like to use this for binding but I did to keep it all matching.

I quilted it cross hatch just to keep the three layers together.  The dotted minky is too cute and I felt quilting  it all over would have taken away from that.

Can you see the quilted squares the stitching made?

I haven’t had a chance to work on my granny squares this week at all.  On top of that I have a new project in the makings.  I am going to attempt to make reusable paper towels.  They will snap together and peel off a paper towel roll just like the real thing.  I had a request from my sister n law for this and I can’t wait to see how they turn out.  Who knows it may be the beginning of a new etsy item!   More on this in the near future.

Happy Wednesday ( definitely not wordless)

& Happy Stitching ~ Audrey


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