A new look

I have had this idea in my head for a kitchen theme… I love ~ COFFEE so in honor of this most beloved beverage I have decided to have coffee cups in, around and about in my kitchen.  A girlfriend has kindly made me some wooden coffee cups which I painted and hung yesterday!  They are so cute and bright!

I found this adorable (couldn’t resist) coffee fabric to make a new hot pad and basket liner.  I have a small amount of this left and am to scared to cut into it because it is all I have left.  I want to make sure I use it for something very special.  If you have any suggestions I would be most happy to hear them!

This basket sits on top of my fridge which has this huge bare spot!  I wanted something up there and this still doesn’t fill the hole but will work for now and I love getting a peek every time I walk into the kitchen of this adorable coffee cup fabric!

The other thing I decided to make this weekend was this small quilt for my bare kitchen wall.  My hanger is one I had not been using and have decided it is way to big and I need to remedy this by cutting it down or either buying a new one.  For now, it will work and since this picture has been taken I added a saucer made out of the adorable coffee cup fabric that is shown on my basket!

Next up, I finished up the pin wheel quilt and it is on its way to its new home in South Carolina!

I couldn’t resist posting this picture.  My son loves this blanket and I had to actually roll him off of it!

 What a nice pleasant and productive weekend!



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