Full Charge Ahead~

I have been BUSY… with a capital B!  and I must say it feels good.  I had another bag order, sold a set of burp clothes on etsy, fixed a jacket for a friend AND finished a baby quilt top this evening.  I may even baste it before the night is through.  Depends on if I get the backing done.  It is my FIRST pinwheel quilt.  I am pretty pleased with it too! Continuation later on this.  

 I am especially tickled about this post because I will be posting a “finished” zipper end tutorial soon.  This tutorial has come due to the bag order I mentioned. 

I had an order for a Computer / Day Bag.  It has turned out adorable if I say so myself.   Also, since Christmas has come and gone, I had a few quilts I made but never posted. Sadly, in the rush to finish them all I did not get “finished” pictures.  (very sad) I did however snap a unfinished photo of my brother & sister n laws “clemson” quilt.  They seemed to really like it.

I also made a quilt for my parents which I did not get a picture of at all.  I also, recently baked a cake for my daughter who turned 13 a few days ago.  Man, time flies.  Even at 13  I see a little girl in there and I have photographic evidence to prove it.. LOL

She still likes the kiddie rides at the mall.  I also snapped a few shots of her and a friend playing with a train set and a mini shopping cart at the toy store.  HAHA.. They cracked me up.  She told me the other day on the way to school I could make her a cake for her birthday but I could only make it round.  After much teasing and probing, she gave in and said, “Fine make a “star” cake”.  She was actually NOT serious, but I was!

I was quite pleased with myself needless to say and she was SURPRISED and LOVED it.

Gotta Get Going, I hear the Pfaff calling!



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