Market Update

A few key chains I took with me to the market.  I kept the first one I made for myself, simply because my stitching turned out little crooked.

It was a small space but I think it fit well with what I had to show.  Unfortunately, I had plenty of women who LOVED my goodies but none that actually took any home with them.  I hope this is not the trend.  I did have a few other vendors tell me that the last 2 weekends were EXTREMELY slow.  I hope they are right.

Another mug rug I whipped up the night before I went.  If it doesn’t sell, I may keep this for myself.  I LOVE the appliqued Wonk Christmas Tree!



Happy Sewing!

~ Audrey



2 thoughts on “Market Update

  1. Hi Aud,
    Wishing you the best of success! If only I could charge each person for each time they petted and admired my work, that would be okay even if I didn’t sell anything, lol. That is what I found happened for the most part when doing a craft show at my son’s high school fair. This year the purses sold better than last year and as a matter of fact, the purses that I made last year went first…who knew? Lol…hope you have fun … your table looks good! love the wonky tree!

    • Thanks so much for the kind words. It is nice to know that someone else knows what I am going through! I am not giving up, well not yet at least. lol I think I just need to find the right market!

      ~ Audrey

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