This n That

So, I am gearing up for another weekend at the market.  Maybe this weekend will be a little more productive.  I am adding a few small things to my lute of goodies to take.  A few fabric key chains, a DIY heating/cold pack, wristlets key chain as well as some home-made foot scrub that I personally used on my entire family last night.  We all were in foot heaven!  I’ll post pics on that soon.

Also, this weekend is the upcoming Craft Fair in Dunedin, FL which I am planning on bailing out of the market early to attend.  I LOVE craft fairs!  Where I am from there is one they have downtown every September.  They block off streets for crafting?  Now, That is just AWESOME!  There is just something that ignites a fire in me about making / producing something with my own hands.  The creativity and imagination are in full force at craft fairs and I personally think ~ IT IS BEAUTIFUL THING! 

Happy Crafting Everyone!



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