Misc ~

I have all these misc ideas bouncing around in my head.  I have a million things I WANT to do but have not started a single one of them as yet.


I am totally inspired but can’t seem to quite make that next step to actually producing.  I will make it to my craft room and I will start cutting ~   Well at least I keep telling myself that.  I have yet to make any mug rugs and I think they are adorable so that may be my next quickie project.  I like the thoughts of having some smaller projects in between my quilts.  It gives me a little instant gratification to do the simple projects.

So what have you guys been up too?  Any small sewing project ideas?  I would love to hear them!

~ Audrey


2 thoughts on “Misc ~

  1. I met you at the Wagon Wheel Flea Market this weekend. I was with my daughter and baby. Your items are all beautiful. I am also a stay at home mom and love to craft. Alot of times I feel myself spending way too much time on them and the baby gets a little upset. lol Nice to meet you this weekend and i love your story about how you started sewing. Honestly it upset me because I have been sewing for like 20 yrs and not sure if I can do as good as you. lol Would love to keep up with you on here. Right now I am working on christmas crafts. So much fun.

    • I do the same thing ~ My kids tell me all the time that ALL I do is sew. The funny thing is, that I hardly ever get to sew and when I do finally get to sit down and do it I make them leave me alone. If they are interrupting me constantly I tend to make mistakes. Usually not really BAD mistakes but things like sewing one right side and one wrong side instead of right sides together. LOL ANNOYING~ I HATE SEAM RIPPING! I find that I am my own worst critic and that most think my things are better than I think they are. I am sure your stuff is nicer than you realize and so what if it isn’t? If you enjoy it then do it. Life is full of things we dont like so my “philosphy” is that you should do what makes you happy when you can to balance things out. Keep in touch and I would love to see some of things sometime or hear of any cool craft ideas you have!

      Happy Crafting! Audrey

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