Webster’s Tomorrow~

I can not begin to express my emotions about tomorrow.  I am excited, hopeful, nervous and scared.  Here are a few pictures of things I am taking with me tomorrow.  Feedback is appreciated!

I tried to pay attention to detail, not only while sewing but also with presentation.  I bundled the home-made burp cloths in sets of 3 and wrapped them with ribbon. For that extra touch I added a home-made tag. 

These burp cloths above are the only set I made with terry cloth instead of cloth diapers.  I think they are adorable as well as functional!

There are several methods I used while making these.  Some I covered the whole front of the burp cloth with fabric (like making a pillow) and then flipping it right side out and top stitching the hole closed.  I also appliqued and included ribbon to cover the raw edges.  My fave was the green polka dot set! 

I included my own personal “label” on each item as well.  I found a great tutorial / idea on another sewing blog that I used to do these with twill tape and iron transfer paper.  Worked GREAT!

I thoroughly enjoyed making these next ones.  I used plain Mason Jars.   I have 4 different types:  Bath Beads, Soup, Candy Filled and Potpourri.  They indeed “look” home-made but have this special appeal to them nonetheless and would make great teacher or co-worker gifts!

This is a crib quilt I am taking.   There is a part of me that wants to keep it.  My daughter actually asked me to make her one, only bigger.  LOL  I fell in love with this fabric/print.

The Back ~

Here are few more pictures of some other things I will be taking with me. 

A simple apron.

Some Home-made Coasters & a few grocery bag holders.  Here is a pic of one I will be taking.

Wish me Luck tomorrow and again, I GREATLY appreciate any feedback.  I do read your comments!

Happy Sunday Everyone!!
~ Audrey


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