Where have I been?

Believe it or not… I have not been that busy.  I have been in some weird ~ tired place that has sucked the joy of crafting, sewing, painting right out of me.   Inspite of my funk, I did manage to make a few totes/bags for upcoming trip to Webster.   The interesting thing is that I have been telling my husband for months I wanted to take some of my things and see if I could sell them.  I am slowly building a huge wall of quilts and totes that we (my family) will NEVER be able to use.   So inspite of several months of hoping that he would be “ok” with that, he comes to me and says, ” You know, you could take your stuff to Webster’s (flea market ~ Swap meet) and sell them.”  Seriously?  MEN!!!  I guess you just have to let them think they came up with the idea sometimes…  LOL  Anyhoo, I am now in full swing getting ready.  Here are some pics… Hope you like~



2 thoughts on “Where have I been?

  1. Good luck!! I know exactly what kind of slump you mean .. I’m in it right now .. It’s driving me insane but hopefully you have a great time selling your things! If they look anything like this tote I don’t think you’ll have a problem selling out!

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