First Block Swap

Happy Friday Everyone!  I have officially entered my first block swap.  It’s being hosted by Aunt Pitty Pat and I am so excited.  I have alreay started and have finished 2 of the 12 blocks I will be making.  I can’t post pics yet but I will once the swap is over!   Since pictures are not of option Ill post some pics of handmade bags/totes I’ve made.

Here is a pic of a custom purse I made for a friend.  It has several inside pockets as well as a matching wallet.









Its been a pretty busy week over all.  I finished a few Christmas gifts and will be signing back up for school next week for the winter semester.

I’ve had something on my mind the last few days and thought maybe I would share.  Even though anyone with children probably already know this or have lived this.  RAISING KIDS IN MY OPINION IS THE HARDEST JOB THERE IS.   MY kids are great.  Really they are.  They have manners and help out around the house.  My son plays baseball and loves to ride his dirtbike and my daughter is the typical 13 year old and nothing I like, she likes.  She thinks she is grown and no matter how many times I tell her something, she either already  knows it or knows more than I do.  I try to laugh at the days that things just seem to get way out of whack.  I remind myself that kids are just that, Kids.  THey will grow up and as long as I am doing my job as a parent they will eventually inherit the “depth” maturity… etc. that they lack.  Enough with the heavy.

I will soon be working on another Christmas quilt and have a few more Christmas gifts that I have fabric to start working on. Unfortunately, I can’t post pics of those yet, but I will dont worry!


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