Surprise in the Mail

Good Morning Blog Friends!  Yesterday afternoon I was sooo excited to receive a surprise book in the mail from dad.  The book is on drawing portraits (which I recently started doing)  I am still perfecting my skill though.  My dad can paint/draw beautifully but doesn’t ever take the time to actually do it.  I decided to try to draw a portrait (free hand) of my husband and I a couple of weeks ago.  It is definately a GOOD drawing, it just doesn’t quite look like us.  LOL   First my head is a little bigger than my husbands which is completely NOT TRUE In real life.. and I don’t have the proper drawing utensils yet, but hey, considering I have never tried to this before I thought it was pretty doggone good..

Anyway, guess my dad thought I could use some expert advice!  I sat down last night and read a good bit of the book and what do you know.. I think it will definately help.. I actually picked up on a few pointers that I didn’t realize …. I will post some pics when I get my first drawing finished.  I never seem to just do ONE hobby.. I love ALL art… Have a Great Tuesday Everybody!


3 thoughts on “Surprise in the Mail

  1. Justsewaudrey– like your blog. I’m not very “artistic” myself when it comes to drawing. I can sew and sing. Working on a couple of quilts–but not into hand stitching. Will probably machine quilt. These quilts are definately not professional looking, but I get a lot of joy in doing them. Right now, too busy pastoring to have time for sewing the quilts– working on curtains for my guest bedroom. Made the bedskirt already!!! lfwr

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