Camera Charger

Ok, So I know I have been saying for 2 days that I may head down to Best Buy and get a camera charger cord but I haven’t and today I WILL get it.  What good is it to have a blog if you can’t post pictures?  I know right.. Completely sad.   I am also working on building another website for our motorcycle shop.  I know, we have been up and running for going on 2 years and NO WEBSITE!  Whats with that?  Well, me nor my husband have any compute know how so I am fumbling my way through this trying to figure it out.  Wish me luck and here are a few pics of previous projects.  Happy FRIDAY!!!   The quilt below is called:  

 Heart in Hands

This is the quilt I made for my Mom for her birthday last February.  The top was machine sewn and then I hand – quilted it.  It took FOREVER, but it turned out beautiful.  It may however, be the last hand quilted piece I do.  The lighting isn’t so hot but I hope you can see the quilting on the backside.


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